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Partner. Pamela Lagos, Commercial Engineer from Universidad Católica and MBA-UC, Diploma in Sustainability, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. With more than 25 years of work experience in Business, Marketing and Sustainability issues. Enough experience as a consultant for companies with tangible changes and results in their sustainability strategies. 

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Partner. Daniela Stuardo, Journalist Universidad Católica, MBA Universidad de Los Andes, Diploma in Marketing and Organizational Development. 20 years of work experience in Internal and External Communications and Sustainability. Strength in communicating sustainability initiatives in 360 degrees to increase their impact and public positioning. 

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Our passion:


After having a long corporate career, today we are dedicated to those of us who are passionate about connecting organizations in a comprehensive way, both at the level  internal and external.


We know and understand what companies need andhow to achieve the results they seek with impact strategies consistent with their work. 

We believe in the value of companies and organizations working in an empathetic way and connected to the society where they operate. 

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